Scholarship Recipients


Aubrey Johnson

2018-2019 (Inaugural Recipient)


A climbing mentor describes Aubrey as a “confident and competent climber who exudes enthusiasm that can serve a catalyst for us all.” She encourages her teammates, acts as a role model for younger climbers, and enjoys being a part of the larger climbing community. A high school senior, she pursues excellence in both academia and climbing. While she tries her hardest on the climbing team, she also seeks to create a relationship to the sport extending beyond competitions and grades.

In her own words:

“I started climbing consistently in the fifth grade when two friends from school invited me to join the youth program with them at Spire. I had been to a few birthday parties at Spire before then, but I didn't really fall in love with the sport until joining the youth program.

My mantra is breathe and believe. I wish I knew who it was that first told me this. I remember that I was about to get on a route that I had been working on during a youth program practice, a few years after I started climbing. I was pretty nervous because I really wanted to finish it. There was a man getting ready to climb on the wall next to me, and I guess he could tell I was nervous because he came over and told me to ‘just breathe and believe.’ Those three words have stuck with me ever since. I try to remember them because, one, I sometimes have a hard time remembering to breathe, when I climb and two, because it reminds me to believe in myself and believe that I am capable of whatever it is I’m trying to do. It also pushes me to try as hard as I can on a climb.”

Aubrey’s goals:

“As for my goals, the biggest one in the next few months is climbing the best I can at Divisionals in January. In the long term, though, I really just want to become more experienced and comfortable climbing outside, and develop into the best climber that I can. My hope would be that I find a way to use my passion for climbing in a way that benefits others.”

What makes her the perfect scholarship recipient:

The selection committee looked for a young woman who best demonstrated some of the values and qualities we cherish about Inge: a commitment to learning as a student and climber, care for community and the environment, and a desire to create a well-rounded life. Aubrey was unanimously selected, for the thoughtful nature expressed in both her application and in her actions. We're thrilled for her accomplishments thus far and hope the best for her as she finishes her last year on the Bozeman Climbing Team.

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